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Special Assessment is Approved 033114

Dear Residents of Oak River,

Last night the board and approximately 30 residents met to finalize the vote/proxy vote for a
recommended onetime special assessment of $300 / home.  The purpose of the assessment is to:

1.        Refurbish the Entrance Walls
2.        Cap the Entrance Walls
3.        Replace Signs
4.        Improve Landscape at Each Entrance

According to the by-laws of the Oak River Subdivision Association, a special assessment meeting
requires a quorum of 138 homes represented in person or by proxy card.  We met quorum with 161
homes represented.  

In order for the assessment to pass, 2/3 (66.6%) of the total number of votes received must be “YES”.

Our vote tally is as follows:

•        Yes        110 (68.3%) Approved
•        No        51 (31.7%)
•        Total Votes 161

We are going to add the $300 assessment as a separate line on the annual dues statement, which
will go out this month.  Please contact me ( if you have question or need a
payment plan.

Our next step is to give SignGraphix a deposit so they can start our project.  I will update you when we
have a timeline.

Thank you,